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Open uri20210305 26097 h5n8dh?1614903530 Motorola MotoG 5G 128GB Volcanic Gray QAR 999.0
Open uri20210305 26097 1153o9t?1614904804 HP OMEN 800 Gaming Headset 1KF76AA QAR 309.0
Open uri20201130 9162 13uwrt5?1606724727 Apple MacBook Pro 13"(MYD92AB/A), Apple M1 chip with 8‑core CPU and 8‑core GPU, 512GB SSD - Space Grey QAR 5999.0
Apple iphone 12 pro max clear case with magsafe 1 Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Magsafe Clear Case QAR 229.0
Open uri20201007 1494 1fwuqc9?1602079948 Pre-Order Sony PlayStation Pulse 3D Wireless Headset for PS5, White QAR 449.0

Home Appliances

Air Purifiers & Humidifiers

39 Products 1 Vendors
Open uri20201007 1494 o2ywja?1602081511
QAR 1339.0 Delonghi Air Purifier AC150 Delonghi Compare
QAR 759.0 Beurer Air Humidifier LB-88 Beurer Compare
Open uri20201007 1494 1xi6wmy?1602081504
QAR 3999.0 LG Air Purifier AS95GDWV0, 360º Purification, Clean Booster, Baby Care LG Compare

Kitchen Appliances

637 Products 1 Vendors
QAR 160.0 Braun Kettle WK310 1.7Ltr Braun Compare
Open uri20201208 9162 184e507?1607402947
QAR 2499.0 Delonghi Automatic Espresso Maker ECAM 22.110 Delonghi Compare
Open uri20201102 1611 1m3cqc4?1604325691
QAR 3999.0 LG Ceramic Cooking Range LRE3193ST 5Burner LG Compare

Irons and Sewing Machines

120 Products 1 Vendors
Open uri20201020 1494 112um55?1603156940
QAR 89.0 Black&Decker Steam Iron X2000-B5 Black&Decker Compare
QAR 299.0 Panasonic Garment Steamer NI-GSE040 Panasonic Compare
Open uri20201029 1611 xwagpe?1603979510
QAR 159.0 Morphy Richards Breeze Steam Iron 300253 2600W Morphy Compare

Vacuum Cleaners

58 Products 1 Vendors
Open uri20201007 1494 8h9aea?1602081379
QAR 799.0 Black+Decker Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner BHFE620J-GB Black+Decker Compare
Open uri20201025 1611 1oo9pbs?1603592049
QAR 219.0 Samsung Vacuum Cleaner VC20M2510 2000W Samsung Compare
Open uri20201007 1494 p7j2kk?1602081376
QAR 1049.0 Black+Decker 2in1 Cordless MULTIPOWER Pro Vacuum Cleaner CUA525BH-GB Black+Decker Compare

Water Dispenser

25 Products 1 Vendors
Open uri20201007 1494 3nj3tu?1602081569
QAR 159.0 Crystal Drops Water Filter Triple With Cartridge TC3D Crystal Compare
Open uri20201120 1611 1njxo5b?1605881211
QAR 99.0 Crystal Drops Water Filter Dual With Cartridge TC2D Crystal Compare
Open uri20210126 9162 m61iw3?1611636544
QAR 399.0 Daewoo Water Dispenser DW-HN16W Daewoo Compare

Cooking Range

46 Products 1 Vendors
Open uri20201007 1494 1ohj28o?1602081875
QAR 2999.0 Bompani Cooking Range BO683ME 5Burner Bompani Compare
Open uri20201018 1494 1r5m2vo?1603029676
QAR 1699.0 Aftron Cooking Range FGE9060FSD 90x60 5Burner Aftron Compare
Open uri20201007 1494 16r64n0?1602081877
QAR 2699.0 Bompani Ceramic Cooking Range BO653PG/E 60x60 Bompani Compare


27 Products 1 Vendors
QAR 999.0 Vestel Dishwasher D141X 4programs Vestel Compare
Open uri20201209 9162 1231qtb?1607535551
QAR 1299.0 Beko Dishwasher DFNO5310S 5Programs Beko Compare
Open uri20201214 9162 wwlui8?1607965119
QAR 1169.0 Hisense Dishwasher H13DESS 8Programs Hisense Compare

Fridge & Freezer

183 Products 1 Vendors
Open uri20201225 9162 xsuhtw?1608869850
QAR 1399.0 Beko Chest Freezer CF400 360Ltr Beko Compare
QAR 1399.0 Blue Star Chest Freezer CHFDD400MGP 400Ltr Blue Compare
QAR 1899.0 Hitachi Double Door Refrigerator RVX550PK9KBSL 550LTR Hitachi Compare

Washing Machines & Dryers

191 Products 1 Vendors
Open uri20201209 9162 p9ikf7?1607535328
QAR 1299.0 Beko Front Load Washing Machine WTV7612BW 7Kg Beko Compare
Open uri20201112 1611 kq1i1c?1605165047
QAR 6999.0 White Westinghouse Laundry Center Washer and Dryer WLC105WM 10/5Kg White Compare
Open uri20201022 1611 1lhwhda?1603356217
QAR 1599.0 Samsung Front Load Washer & Dryer WD70J5410AW 7/5Kg Samsung Compare


29 Products 1 Vendors
Open uri20201007 1494 6i4tmx?1602081543
QAR 159.0 Black+Decker Tower Fan TF50-B5 50W Black+Decker Compare
Open uri20201007 1494 rr9gdh?1602081545
QAR 145.0 Black+Decker Wall Fan FW1620-B5 16inch Black+Decker Compare
Open uri20201007 1494 9poy9d?1602081539
QAR 999.0 Zenan Mist Fan ZMF-LC004 Zenan Compare

Air Conditioners

86 Products 1 Vendors
QAR 2199.0 Zenan Split Air Conditioner ZSTABE-24CRN1 2Ton Zenan Compare
Open uri20201124 9162 6s1kxu?1606194542
QAR 1399.0 Aftron Window Air Conditioner AFA2490-S19 2Ton Aftron Compare
Open uri20201124 9162 yxsahe?1606194590
QAR 1699.0 York Split Air Conditioner YHFE18XEV-R3 18000BTU York Compare

Home Comfort

76 Products 1 Vendors
Open uri20210130 9162 17kbuew?1612020831
QAR 259.0 Super General 11 Fin Oil Radiator SG-OR11MF Super Compare
Open uri20210130 9162 nffq3r?1612020834
QAR 289.0 Super General 13 Fin Oil Radiator SG-OR13MF Super Compare
Open uri20201121 1611 wy3tp1?1605966721
QAR 2799.0 Dyson Air Purifier Hot + Cool HP04 Dyson Compare
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